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An attractive web site doesn't have to cost a fortune     


This online era in which we live demands a web presence.  It's gotten to the point where people won't take a company or organization seriously if they don't have a web site.  And just having a site isn't enough.  If your site doesn't look professional, your organization doesn't look professional.  If your site is stagnant and never changes, your company looks stagnant and stunted.  While most companies and organizations realize this, most haven't a clue about how to make a viable, professional website a reality.  In this economy, most companies and organizations don't have a clue how they're going to afford one, either.

How do I help you overcome these hurdles?

I listen closely to my clients' likes and dislikes, creating sites as unique as each small business or organization I work for.  My philosophy is that each site should reflect the personality of the client and not be a cookie-cutter web design. 

Once a site is created, I continue to offer maintenance and updates to the site.  A question I get asked time and again is "How do I get my site further up on Google?"  Update, update, update.  A comprehensive, frequently updated site rises to the top.  A site with meager content that isn't updated frequently, or at all, falls into Google oblivion.

Finally, with over a dozen years of experience putting together sites, I can guide you through the process of collecting the data necessary for a useful and informative web site.

I can make your ideas look good! 

Where do I begin? First of all, Debbie is patient. For a techno-novice like me, Debbie answered all my questions, addressed all my concerns, and installed all my requested changes - unless she disagreed with them, which I really appreciated hearing since I needed the feedback. So she is also honest. And kind. Oh, and did I mention creative, imaginative and fast? Her turnaround time was ridiculous! We did most of our collaboration over the usually impersonal email, but her personality and professionalism came through anyway. I am so excited with my new website and will be forever grateful to Debbie for making it happen. She is an absolute joy to work with.
Alexandra Zabriskie,
New York City

My work is my best advertising:

Carter Worx Unified Committee for Afro-American Contributions Yvonne May's Dog Gone Walking With Me Potomac Branch: National Contract Managment Association The Good Earth Natural Foods Company, Inc

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